I haven’t posted much lately due to issues in life. Both technical and of a personal nature. Been spending time putting things back in order. And editing. Definitely editing a lot more now that I’ve solved my lack of mobile solution problem.

I’m getting really excited for my book. I’ll of course post more information once I get closer to publication. Also getting super excited for NaNoWriMo coming up and getting book 2 written. A couple of the characters keep fighting and I’m hoping once I write it down they’ll ease up at least.

The personal issues… I don’t want to get into detail about. Mostly for the parties involved. I will say that it was eye opening and I’m still working out how to deal with a particular individual. For those of you that know the details, please don’t post anything here. It isn’t fair to the other party involved.

So much to talk about and not much time as I squeeze this in during my daughter’s dance class. Not to mention my tablet’s keyboard went kaput recently and I’m not a fan of on screen keyboards and long posts.

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