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Oooh, look, 2 days and 2 posts. Scary.

Getting back on topic, I’m giving something new a try. So far I’ve kept my notes and whatnot in Scrivener. Good spot, easy access… you get the idea.

However, given that I’m still impatiently waiting the release of an iOS version of Scrivener, and copying all of those notes from one project to another as I continue in this world… I’m starting to see the signs that I’ve outgrown that particular function. A friend of mine was talking about a personal Wiki she keeps on her computer for her world and had to inquire further. Especially after coming up short on my searches.

She uses WikidPad and from what little I researched before downloading and installing, it sounded good. Toying with it a bit, I soon came to realize the limitations that I would personally encounter. For someone that has access to a laptop that can be mobile or doesn’t mind being tied to one machine, it would be great. My mobile option is my iPad… not so friendly with Windows programs. I haven’t uninstalled the software, but I’m not actively pursuing using it at the moment. Still contemplating the “just get a damn laptop” option for down the road as I don’t like being stuck in my office.

Especially not with a very active 3 year old free in the house.

My search turned up an alternative that may work: OneNote. Has an iOS app. Dropbox compatible. Sounds like a good deal? Except I heard it can be a lot more work to try and keep organized. I’ve been toying with it for a little bit and so far seems fairly straight forward. Snagged some tips from this Reddit post. Let the experiment begin. I’m hoping this will turn out to be a wonderful tool to use to keep my world organized.

2 thoughts on “Something new

  1. I feel your organizational woes. I tried WikidPad, OneNote, mind mapping software, and even building a Google site. Nothing has really worked for me. I also need to be able to pull it up on whatever device I’m using, whether it be my phone, laptop, or work PC.

    What I want is one of those computers Tony Stark uses in Iron Man. My husband has looked at Microsoft Hololens for me ( but then I’d have to build the software to do what I want. I’ve considered buying a giant metal bulletin board and making colored dry-erase magnets to represent the major events, which POV it ties to, and the waterfall effect of the decision as it impacts other books. But I also want the ability to click on one of those magnets and pull up the full profile of the character at that stage in the timeline. *sigh* If only I had the technology now.

    Did you ever find something that works for you?

    1. I’m still building a Wiki in OneNote actually. Slow going because most of my notes are in Scrivener and I’m often using my iPad while I’m building it. [insert plea for an iOS version of Scrivener] So far it is actually working out nicely.

      I have different tabs for world, characters, organizations, etc and then different pages within those that I can create links to other pages. Not the awesomeness that is the hololens (I would love to get my hands on that).

      I can bounce between my desktop and my iPad since it saves to the cloud. The only downside is actually linking in the iOS version. If I’m not able to use an existing Wiki slug, then I can’t link. I usually have to go back on PC and hyperlink them to the page since when I list say a character’s name, instead of writing it as the slug (last name, first name), I just call them by the name they use most often. Probably just an iOS issue.

      Not the best, but until Tony Stark makes something better… XP

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