This is a bit of a rant that has been coming.

Recently, I’ve been in contact with a couple of different people who have used one excuse or another for their lack of proofreading. The last one was an email with important information about an upcoming event. It hurt to read the whole thing written out in ALL CAPS. I’m still sure I missed information in there despite reading through it more than once.

No, I don’t expect people to be excellent in formatting and whatnot, but for the love of other people’s eyes, proofread. I may not be the best at it and still miss things, but I put in the effort of trying to put out the best quality I can. Don’t just type in all caps because you’re not a typist. Don’t just look for a beta reader because you can’t be bothered to look over your own work before posting it for the world to see.


Now, in game, my fellow FC mates will jump on me when I screw something up (usually because I’m trying to respond quickly while fighting something) because they know how I usually type in chat. But for our forum posts, I still make sure that I proofread and check the formatting before posting. Why? Because I’ve learned to do that all the time. It has become a habit, and a good one at that.

So please, help make the internet a better place and proofread! (Okay, I’ll admit, it’s early and that was corny.)

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